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What Does IKR Mean?

What Does IKR Mean? IKR Meaning

"What does IKR mean?" This mysterious phase is probably one of the hardest terms to decipher as many people don’t know exactly what it means. In fact, it is an abbreviated term for the phrase: “I know, right.” IKR is a ubiquitous slang phrase that is commonly used by everyone,...
What is an Acronym

What is an Acronym? Acronym Definition

What is an Acronym? As part of speech, acronyms can spice up your language and make you impress a number of listeners around you. These acronyms are initials in a phrase or words and they might appear as individual letters as well as syllables. In English, like in other languages,...
IMY Meaning

What Does IMY Mean? IMY Meaning

What does IMY mean? When you receive a text with IMY, you first try to know what exactly IMY means and how you should respond to that text. You might find it a bit hard to understand IMY meaning and respond properly as this acronym is full of meaning. Any...
MHM Meaning

What Does MHM Mean? MHM Meaning

Have you ever tried asking a question via a message or email and gotten the ever unsettling MHM’ reply? Did you understand what the person meant? If not, what does MHM mean? Is there any other hidden MHM meaning apart from showing an agreement with an opinion or suggestion? Here...
TTLY Meaning

What Does TTLY Mean? TTLY Meaning

When most people receive the slang word/abbreviation/acronym “TTLY” they confuse it with “TTYL.” But what does TTLY mean exactly? TTLY meaning is "Totally" In most cases, people use TTLY to send instant messages through their devices or mobile phones. The most applicable places are SMS texts and social media networks...

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