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What does KMSL mean

What Does KMSL Mean? KMSL Meaning

Trying to find the meaning of KMSL? The internet can become a very deluging place, even for that individual who is spending his whole day working online. People have developed this impression because the internet is continually evolving. The internet has its world and own culture, most of which is...
What does KMS mean in text

What Does KMS Mean? KMS Meaning

Have you ever encountered the abbreviations KMS on a text or on a social platform and wondered, "What does KMS stand for?". If yes, then you are not alone in this. In a world where acronyms and abbreviations are replacing normal words, everyone is bound to experience challenges figuring some...
What does HMU mean

What Does HMU Mean? HMU Meaning

"What does HMU mean?" You must have come across the phrase HMU being commonly used on FB and other chat platforms. However, it is unlikely that many of us, especially those belonging to the older generation would be in a position to understand more about it. In this article we...
What does WCE mean

What Does WCE Mean? WCE Meaning

"What does WCE mean?" WCE is basically a slang acronym which stands for Woman Crush Everyday. It is a popular hashtag (#WCE) that was used first on Twitter as a way of tagging posts or sharing pictures about those women that people love, admire, or find attractive. A WCE can...
IMO Meaning

What Does IMO Mean? IMO Meaning

You must be wondering what does IMO mean in daily usage. As such, you could find yourself at the crossroads when it comes to the right application of this common internet slang. It gets even more mind-boggling when you search the internet regarding IMO and you find yourself browsing for...

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